That Naturally Cleanse Your Kidneys

Inflammation in your body can cause a range of conditions, with kidney disease being one of them. To cleanse your kidneys and give them a fighting chance, get your share of turmeric.

Turmeric contains curcumin which offers anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also beneficial for fighting kidney disease and those pesky stones. Add it to your rice, curries, stews, or even put it in a smoothie. Just make sure you don’t get it on your hands, as it stains!

People do say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but who would have thought that might be true? Because apples are packed full of fiber which absorbs toxins, it does its job by taking some of the hard work away from your kidneys.

Your kidneys rely on you to treat your body like a temple. Otherwise, they can fall victim to toxins and inflammation.

If you’re not all that good at doing what your body needs, then make sure you always include enough garlic in your diet.

While dandelion leaf tea is not all that pleasant to drink, your kidneys will love you for it. Dandelion leaves contain flavonoids – antioxidants that cleanse your kidneys and purify your blood. They can also reduce your blood pressure.

You can buy dandelion tea and leaves from many health stores, and you can also use the leaves in salads!  If you’re prone to stress, there’s nothing like a cup of dandelion tea to start your day.

Olive oil has a whole host of benefits for your body, but it can also be beneficial for the health of your kidneys as well.

Olive oil can lower your cholesterol, relieve pain associated with kidney stones, and work to reduce inflammation too. The best part is, it’s readily available and affordable to buy. Opt for extra-virgin olive oil if you can – it’s premium grade with no chemicals in the pressing process.

If you want to try something that will not only cleanse your kidneys but stop them from forming kidney stones, then set your sights on the humble lemon! Lemon juice increases your citrate levels, which stop kidney stones from wanting to form.

Forming a special lemon cleanse is easy. Squeeze four lemons into hot or cold water every day and drink it! Say goodbye to kidney stones and hello to a delicious kidney cleanse!

Before you chomp down on some delicious gingerbread cookies, thinking it’s going to help cleanse your kidneys, take a read of this! Ginger, while delicious in baking, is more effectiveraw, powdered, juiced, as a spice, or in oil.

Ginger can help with nausea, pain, motion sickness, a loss of appetite, and even to reduce inflammation.

To keep your body like a temple, you need to be creating a healthy environment for your kidneys to flush out waste and unwanted toxins. Unfortunately, with poor eating choices and ill health, we don’t always do everything we can to keep our bodies in tip-top condition.

Thankfully, there are a few ingredients that can create the right environment for your kidneys to do their job. Include any of these food items in your diet above, and reap the rewards of a natural cleanse that can do your body a world of good!

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